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7 Facts about Internet marketing to blow your business in 2016

Is internet marketing profitable? It is yes if it works according to your plan. At the present time usage of internet is at peak, so more and more businesses are finding their way to internet marketing to build an identity.

The partnership between the logical features of usual marketing and inventive processes of the internet has created most outstanding platform for present day’s businesses. Each aspect of internet marketing is good on its own, but luscious and best when merged.

Here are seven facts about internet marketing which will blow your business mind. Have a look:

  • Posting business events on social sites are the most common marketing process of modern markets. But be thoughtful while posting your comments on Facebook, Twitter or any other social platforms because the more posts you does per day, the less engagement you will get. According to social research, when the same brand makes two posts per day, it gets only 57% of the likes and 78% of the comments per post. So only post those things which matters or your business most.
  • According to a general study of social media for business, companies only respond to 30% of whole social media fans’ feedback, where the engagement is very unusual. So while building the social platform for internet marketing for your business, always ensure to create the profile that will make you stand out of the crowd engage more social communities.
  • The use of TAB has quickly taken its influence over the use of laptop and on an average rate; a tablet user spends more than 13.9 hours per week on the internet and social media. So take research on your potential clients and their using devices and let that data persuade your potential online marketing strategies while targeting tab users.
  • A regular phone user receives, at least, ten promotional messages via text message services. By using this peer-to-peer communication technique, you can give your marketing strategy more influential and accessible.
  • Over the last six months, the use of emails on smartphone and tablet has increased 80% more than usual. As Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the primary source of email usage, always ensure to visualize your email marketing strategy and contents in every type of devices to maximize your goal and result.
  • According to research based on Facebook, less than 0.5% of Facebook fans are getting engaged with the brands they are the fan of owing to the reason that most bands are not providing the contents they are mostly looking for. So while operating business profile on Social sites as a part of marketing strategy, ensure to satisfy your followings with the latest and useful contents and information.
  • There are 2 billion internet users presented globally. But the interesting fact is more than 45% of those 2 billion internet users are from Asia. You if you are an active marketer of your business for Asian markets, you can take the advantages of the channel of the internet. It will give you a better mileage and superior achievement of marketing goals.